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Family Law and Divorce Attorney in Bloomington, Illinois

James D. Bass, Attorney at Law, is a local family law and divorce attorney in Bloomington, Illinois, who understands the emotional turmoil and wants to help you reach an amicable solution.

Family Law

Family Law issues, especially divorce, are among the most stressful events the average person will encounter in life. Many issues may be involved including:
  • Child Support & Medical Expenses
  • Complex Financial & Business Interests
  • Custody & Visitation of the Children
  • Maintenance (Formerly Known as Alimony)
  • Paternity Issues
  • Preservation & Distribution of Marital Assets
    ...as well as many other factors that will significantly affect your future and the future of your children.

Why Choose a Skilled Attorney?

The assistance of an experienced, skilled family law attorney who genuinely cares about your interests and understands the long-term consequences of your divorce is critical. Dedicated to the protection of my clients, my local attorney office is committed to aggressive representation and attention to our clients' needs.

Not every attorney who handles family law cases possesses the expertise or assertiveness required to deal with these issues, and this lack of experience and nerve may prove to be disastrous.
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When we represent you, you have the benefit of an experienced and knowledgeable family law litigator, supported by a skilled and helpful staff. We will diligently serve your interests to achieve the best results.

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